Master Gardener Guest Speaker

Please Join Us at the March Town Hall meeting to hear from our special Guest Speaker! 

OSU Extension Service Master Gardener volunteer, Laura Eyer, will be speaking to our residents the evening of March 16th at 7:15pm.

LAURA EYER has been an OSU Extension Service Master Gardener volunteer since 1992. As she dove into her role as an OSU Master Gardener, she quickly found that she enjoyed ornamental gardening, composting, soils and landscape design. In 1997, she began a landscape consulting business. Now retired, she enjoys her own garden and sharing her knowledge and love of gardening with others. 

OSU Extension Master Gardeners are volunteer educators, neighbors, and on-the-ground researchers who serve their community with solid training in science-based, sustainable gardening and a love of lifelong learning.

Please comment below if you have any questions regarding your gardens that Laura can help answer or tie in to her presentation.

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