Hamlet Citizen

Any person, 18 years or older, domiciled within the boundaries of the hamlet or a person who owns real property within the boundaries of the hamlet but is domiciled outside these boundaries is a CITIZEN OF THE HAMLET. A citizen may also be a business entity that is established under ORS Chapters 56-70, 554, 748, or that qualifies as a Business Trust under ORS Chapter 128 if the entity or trust owns real property or maintains a business located within the hamlet. 

Not sure if you are within the boundary? Check out the map below:

Get Involved!

As a citizen of the Hamlet, you are eligible to attend all meetings and vote on important community matters. You may also apply for a position on the Board of Directors and sit on any committees formed for the betterment of the Hamlet. Keep an eye on our Volunteer Opportunities!

Volunteer Opportunities